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Offered By Greer's Supply, Inc.

~Greer's Supply will install any fire protection system on-site, within the area serviced. In addition, fire suppression systems must be serviced regularly to ensure that they will work correctly in the event of a fire. Greer's provides this regular maintenance on both systems we have installed and those installed by others.

~When purchasing a substantial quantity of extinguishers, Greer's will deliver and mount them on-site. Fire extinguishers must be regularly inspected, sometimes requiring a recharge or hydrostatic testing; this service is available on-site if there are enough extinguishers, or by bringing extinguishers into our office.

~Greer's also offers room integrity testing. When installing a gas system, these tests show how airtight the room is, so it can be determined if the gas will remain long enough to extinguish the fire. This test can be used to determine the insulation efficiency of a room.

~On site service areas: a map depicting the service areas:
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