Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

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Restaurant hoods should be outfitted with a suppression system to extinguish a fire on the cooking surface below.

Available from Ansul are two separate restaurant suppression systems-the R- R-102 system and the Piranha system. In addition, Pyro Chem can help with the Kitchen Knight line, while Badger protects with Range Guard products. All of these systems extinguish fire by spraying a liquid chemical suppression agent onto the cooking surface.


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A fire on board a large, expensive motor vehicle can prove very costly, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. By comparison, damage estimates can make the cost of a suppression system seem minute. Thus, Greer's offers fire protection for mining equipment, buses, and heavy trucks.

Large vehicles can be protected by dry chemical ABC systems from Ansul.


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In industry, there are multiple places fire can occur and cause extensive damage. Whether mandated by the fire codes, insurance company, or, simply, desire to be protected, fire suppression systems are needed to protect dip tanks, exhaust duct work, spray booths, industrial ovens, and electrical or machining equipment.

Industrial suppression systems are available as a local application or as a total flooding system. Pyro Chem, Ansul, and Badger offer industrial protection ABC or BC dry chemical systems. In addition, Ansul and Fike carbon dioxide systems can also provide industrial protection.


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These systems are gas based and used in sensitive environments where equipment, records, historical documents, etc. might be damaged by traditional methods of fire suppression.

Fike offers the gas mixture known as FM-200 as a clean agent suppression system, while Ansul provides the Inergen system. Both manufacturers also offer carbon dioxide suppression systems.


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Greer's offers a variety of detection and control systems from Fike, Ansul,  and Kidde.  These systems can contain either conventional or programmable panels and detectors for smoke, gas, sparks, and/or heat.


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